This page contains description of the latest descriptions of what we have accomplished or are in the process of accomplishing for all residents in the State of Washington.  Please understand some of these statements may be seen in other sections of his website (i.e.. our first page). 

What have we done for you lately?

In 2012 we were certified as a 501c3 non-profit organization.  This means we are not allowed to actively legislate.  We turned to the Legislative Action Team (LAT), Legislative Planning Team (LPT), which is independent of any State Organization and is comprised of Member Participants who basically live in Manufactured/Mobile Homes in Washington State who are supportive of the plight of Manufactured/Mobile Home Owners of Washington.

Many of the services that MHOA performs are not obvious to the membership at large.

Probably the most significant task that members of the LAT are involved in is talking to State Senators and Representatives to initiate and enhance legislation that benefits the residents. I and several of our State Board members are on those teams.

These representatives meet with and testify before various committees with our State government with the purpose of establishing new and improved laws governing Manufactured/Mobile Home Landlord Tenant Relations.

For those not familiar with the process of getting a bill passed into law, the length of time required, the number of procedures, the paperwork, and all the potential pitfalls are amazing.  It is truly astonishing that any laws are ever passed.  In light of this, it is easy to understand that many of these efforts, while extremely important, do not always produce tangible results on a short-term basis.  It took 11 years to get the first Manufactured/Mobile Home Landlord/Tenant Law passed.  It took 5 years to get the Attorney General (AG’s) Dispute Resolution program bill passed.  In 2012 a great number of people and representatives went back to the drawing board and ratified the RCW59.20 and RCW59.30.  Once again this year, we will meet to discuss more clarification and change to the RCW59.20, which is our priority.

Hopefully it will cut down on some community problems and landlord violations of the law – another service that MHOA performs.

Many tenants face unreasonable evictions, retaliation, or harassment from Owners and Managers.  MHOA provides a resource for information and guidance for those in trouble.

Calls and e-mails on problem issues come into the State MHOA office on a daily basis, along with concerns about ever-increasing monthly rates.
Maybe you don’t have a problem at the moment, but that is no guarantee of tomorrow.

MHOA has worked for residents since 1966 (over 49 years) of volunteer services by members and dedicated residents.

Your State organization is people who have volunteered their time and efforts on your behalf, meet regularly and serve on various committees and with various organizations to represent you, including:  The Senior Lobby Washington Low Income Alliance, Labor and Industry (L&I), the Attorney General’s Stakeholder group, the LAT and LPT, the National NHOAA organization, Lobby Day and other associations.  Your representatives work with the LAT and LPT every year to promote legislation in Olympia to better your lifestyles and protect your legal rights. 

In 2012 legislation was presented a Rent Receipt and changes to the RCW59.20 and MHCW and MHO are working together to put on Manager Training classes.  We work every January to set up Lobby Day where many of you get a chance to visit with your legislator.  We also attend numerous hearings on our proposed bills.  Note – it took several of our members over a year of effort to research and draft our proposed Rent Adjustment bill.  Your representatives spend hours and hours talking and meeting with legislators promoting our bills (this same kind of effort has been put forth every year for years!

The community owners have highly paid lobbyists and lawyers on the ground in Olympia on a daily basis and they are very successful in preventing or stopping our proposed legislation.  We are blessed to have The Senior Lobby and the Washington Low Income Alliance as supporters of our cause and legislation.

Leaders from your organization have been on the AG’s Stakeholder’s Committee since 2007, helping the AG administer the RCW59.30 Dispute Resolution Program bill.  Your leaders have also been part of the Landlord-Tenant Coalition that has met monthly for over 3 years battling our issues affecting you that we hoped to reach some common consensus with the community owners.  Other efforts include work on rezoning issues in various communities.

Judith E. White, the leader of the LAT spends over 30 hours a week during the Legislature period communicating with over 1,500 Manufactured/Mobile Home Owners on the LAT e-mail list.

You can ask what has your State done for you, but we also ask, “What have you done for the State organization and your fellow residents in your communities?”  None of your organization leaders receive a salary.  They are all volunteers.  You are wanted and needed

Please renew your annual dues of $20 when you receive your renewal notice, and take it upon yourself to recruit your neighbors to join MHOA.

We also need volunteers in our home office in Bremerton and District Directors all over the State.  We have complete training books and training sessions to show you how you can help MHOA and their residents. 

This is fun work and not difficult.  If you are dedicated in helping others and have business or speaking background we can really use your help.

July 2015