What if:   There was no Manufactured/Mobile Home Landlord/Tenant Act Law to protect you?
MHOA got the first laws passed in 1977 (RCW 59.20), and over the years has helped pass legislation to strengthen the Act.  In 2012 MHOA helped with the passage of SHB2194, strengthening this act.

What if:   Landlords were allowed access to your home?
RCW 59.20.139 prevents this invasion of privacy.

What if:   You were given an eviction notice and did not have a chance to mediate?
RCW 59.20.090 authorizes that any eviction notice (except non-payment of rent) be mediated.

What if:    You were denied the right of free assembly, publishing a resident newsletter, holding MHOA or HOA meetings, clubhouse activities, breakfasts or card games?
Denying these rights of free assembly is unlawful under RCW 59.20.070.

What if:     Landlords were allowed to charge an entrance and exit fee to park in a community?
This is unlawful. RCW 59.20.060.

What if:     You were given a rental increase more than once per year with no notice?
MHOA helped see a law pass which allows for only one rent increase per year with a three month prior written notice.  RCW 59.20.070.

What if:     The park or community manager/owner did not disclose the name/address of themselves?
RCW 59.20.020 requires this disclosure.

What If:     MHOA was instrumental in the passage of RCW 59.30 (The Attorney General's Dispute Resolution Program Bill) in 2007 - Without this bill, residents would have no independent agency where they could file a
complaint to address grievances against a community owner. 

What if:     You were told to remove your home from a community because it was deemed by management as being "too old"?
RCW 59.20.070 prohibits preventing the entry or requiring the exit of a home for the sole reason of age.

What if:     MHOA didn't maintain a list of pro-bono attorneys and agencies to help residents with lawsuits?
Residents would have to spend time searching out legal counsel and spending money to protect their interests.

What if:     Your community was sold and the owner told you to move your home in 30 days?
MHOA was a driving force in extending the notice to one year. RCW 59.20.080.

What if:      MHOA didn't provide members with a quarterly Manufactured/Mobile Home Living                   Newsletter (MHL) and a website?
Residents would not have easy access to multiple sorts of information about manufactured/mobile home living that is beneficial and informational for them.
               Visit www.mhoa.net.
What if:     There was no MHOA organization for over 49 years?
Residents would not have an easy, reliable, informative group to talk with, complain to, ask for help from, visit with, help other residents, help set up resident community organizations, like MHOA Chapters, Social Clubs, or
Homeowner Associations.

What if:     Residents failed to band together for convincing legislators to enact legislation favorable to those living in communities?
The big money community owners would have their way.

What if:     You couldn't use industry standard "For Sale" signs by Realtors placed on your leased lot to advertise your home for sale? - You would be bound by old fashioned park/community rules and regulations limiting for sale signs to small signs in your home windows.
MHOA worked to have this legislation and improvement passed in SHB2914 in 2012.

What if:    There were no unpaid volunteers for MHOA to man the office, make park/community visits, and help residents (hundreds of us for the last 49 years)?
You would be on your own and reliant on attorneys to help you with  problems. 

What if:     There was no bill providing that community owners must provide a receipt for rent paid upon request by the resident?
MHOA helped get this bill passed in 2012.

What if:     Residents didn't have a requirement for community owners to address septic tank problems within 48 hours, failure of electricity and water to the park/community? 
MHOA has helped pass legislation requiring landlords to quickly address these problems.

What if:     MHOA had not worked to defeat the community owner's association attempt to deny residents the right to automatically renew their lot leases for an additional year? -
Residents would be at the whim of the community owners, on a 3 month notice to remove their homes.

What if:     MHOA did not help with the passage of the Woodshed Act, addressing the problem of community owners trying to pass on the maintenance and repair of carports and sheds originally provided by the community owner?
MHOA prevents the owners from turning over their maintenance of common areas to the residents for repairs. Never sign this ACT!

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April 1, 2015