My Fellow Residents,

  As concerned residents in many of your communities we would like you to join the MHOA homeowners association.  Please read this letter over and see the attached Membership Brochure.  If you decide to join and already have a MHOA Chapter, just give your membership application to your President who will ensure it gets to the MHOA State Office or you may mail it to the MHOA State Office as shown on the membership form.
  You can make a difference with your membership.  The sheer number of members show strength to the community managers, owners, and legislators.  MHOA is YOUR Homeowners association and we are here to protect your rights and settle any disputes between you and management.
  Dues are only $20.00 a year.  That is only $1.67 a month, a bargain for all the volunteers that fight for your rights.  The Legislation Action Team (LAT), State MHOA Board, The Attorney General's Office (AG) and your very own Chapter are all volunteers (except for the AG's Office).
  NOTE:  Membership Renewals - Remember, when a MHOA member gets a renewal notice it is one month before your anniversary date (The date you joined MHOA). If paid on the anniversary month, a subsequent notice will not be sent out, unless they wait for over a month to renew and send in their $20 dues. If you are not sure of your anniversary date for renewal of your memership, contact MHOA office at (360) 373-2436 Monday-Wednesday 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., or e-mail us at
  By supporting MHOA you will continue to have someone fighting for your rights as homeowners.  The State MHOA Executive Board's presence may not be felt personally in your community (unless you have a problem), but they are always working for you in the background.  Below are just a few of the free help and advice services available you, thanks to MHOA.
  Manufactured/Mobile Home Owners of America (MHOA) (360) 373-2436.  We are available for advice, help with problems with community managers or owners, information about RCW 59.20 (The Manufactured, Mobile Home Landlord/Tenant Act, (The Attorney General's Dispute Resolution Bill)  RCW 59.30 - how to file a complaint against your community manager or community owner, help in starting a Homeowner's Association, MHOA Chapter, or Social Club, referrals for legal aid, community visits by a MHOA representative or District Director, Copy of our State  Quarterly MHL Newsletter at our website - or by snail mail, and a free $4,000 Life  Death or Dismemberment Policy when you join.
  Dan Young is our MHOA Attorney experienced in helping residents with legal claims, some pro bono legal work and advice, helps with lawsuits against community owners or managers (206) 292-8181 or
  Several of the MHOA Executive Committee are diligently working with the AG,  LAT,  LPT, and acting as advisors and consultants to all his members.
 The entire Executive Committee (John Dawson, Steve Aarestad, Ed Broker, Bob Prucha, Cheryl Pasternak, and Dominique Chandler), District Directors (Ed Broker, John Dawson) our Office Manager Cheryl Pasternak all  - Help with park visits, problems, gives great advice and information for residents in Washington.  
  The State Office Manager/Web Design also helps with park visits, problems, gives advice and information for residents in Washington; sends out MHOA Notices (alerts) along with the LAT, is temporary MHL Editor, in charge of Products & Services, Advertising, recruits Associate Members, and Temp Grant Writer - organizer.  She also updates resident renewals and new member in the database and sends out new member packets.
Our Technical Executive Director Steve manages all Computer Operations and Web difficulties, tracks all deposits and donations, and is the Treasury GURU!
 Ed Broker is on the Executive Committee and is District Director for District 2.  John Dawson is also on the Executive Committee and is District Director for District 3.
  Judith White is our LAT GURU, provides updates and adds informative information to our web site.  She serves residents in communities, open to all tenants, computer driven, designed to let you know your legislators, and solicits your help to get legislation passed that benefits homeowners. It is free and membership in a State tenant organization is not required.   
  Attorney General's Office (AGO) - RCW 59.30 (The Dispute Resolution Program) -
  Jennifer Steele, Program Director, Assistant Attorney General 1-866-924-6458
  Toy Rodriguez - presentations, complaints, compliance specialist 1-206-464-6049 - also Spanish Speaking

Please Join Your Homeowners Association & Thank You!!